Disassembly and inspection of diaphragm type oil pump

2024-04-06 16:35

When disassembling the oil pump, first remove the oil pipe, then remove the oil pump, and replace the sealing ring. Perform the installation in reverse sequence. Tighten bolts to a torque of 24N·m. After installation, deflate the pipe system.

The method of discharging air from the delivery pump, low pressure tubing and fuel filter is as follows:

Loosen the vent screw on the inlet tubing connector, as shown in Figure 5-3. Shake the hand rocker arm of the oil delivery pump to discharge air until the diesel oil discharged from the vent screw does not contain bubbles. Then tighten the vent screw to a torque of 8N·m. The oil pump must be able to work normally, when the oil resistance is greater than 20kPa, the oil pump will not pump oil. If it is found that the oil pump does not pump oil and the pump oil is insufficient, it should be checked whether the oil line is blocked, whether the oil pipe is flattened and whether the oil pump itself is damaged.